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Lights On



Young Adult
Short Fiction

Lock and Clara managed to escape, now they must rush to cross the border and connect with the only people who can save them. With Lana’s betrayal still fresh in Lock’s mind, they have to leave their cityship and submerge themselves into another.

With the heat on, the army after them and Lana ready to avenge her loss, Lock and Clara are taking new steps towards the war that could end their world. But they are not alone. Hayley Lightson, the one attendee to escape her early demise, has her own plans in Evendown.

The United English Cityships has a peace treaty. The King demands it stands, and Lana is working with him to ensure that no war is declared. She will stop at nothing to win.

Can Lock join the protesters in Evendown and bring an end to the tyranny? Or will they be caught and silenced?

Lights On
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