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The young half-Elf known as Ladykiller leads dual lives. As Ladykiller: he is a renowned assassin for The Shadowed Divide, the world’s elite assassin guild. Handsome and gifted with the mysterious magic of the Night Creatures, he is a blood-drinking charmer. Seductive and deadly, he earned the title Ladykiller, with his irresistible nature toward noblewomen and easily killing them for contract.As Onyx: he is the devout protector of the only person in the world that matters to him, his younger brother Ruel. Ruel daydreams of being a knight and pursuing justice, quite the opposite of what the Divide looks for in an assassin. Onyx does his best to keep his brother close while not letting the dregs of their criminal environment destroy the good in Ruel.With the Divide under attack, the brothers scatter. They discover that life outside the Divide’s protection is wrought with danger as well. Will Onyx choose the life he enjoys as Ladykiller, or save his brother from a predator from the past?

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