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January River




Five friends. One dog. One river carrying a secret that will upheave their world.

When one of Ethan’s friends goes missing, everything comes crashing down for his group of childhood friends in the small town of Greenfield. Ethan takes it hard. Only his brother and his beloved dog can comfort him. Until another tragedy shakes his world and leaves it in a heap of ruins.

Desperate for a fresh start and a new lease on life, Ethan follows his brother to The Big Apple. But even when he meets the woman of his dreams and his career takes off, he is plagued by the dread of another looming loss that could take it all away. Will his reconciliation with the past come at too great a price?

All rivers carry their secrets, but not every river keeps its secret forever.

January River is a moving coming-of-age story spanning the lifetime of one man haunted by dark secrets and hidden memories. With a faithful dog as his guiding star, join his journey in the pursuit of healing and forgiveness.

January River
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