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Gutian Code (Love and Dark Book 3)

Becca C.


Young Adult

**TRIGGER WARNING** This book contains violence and sexual assault.

The battle is lost. Caelius has won. Lucian has sacrificed himself by giving his body and mind to Caelius to save Shea and the others. The only obstacle that remains is for Caelius to take Shea’s soul and restore himself to full power. But Shea isn’t giving up. She won’t rest until she has Lucian back by her side and Caelius is destroyed. Unfortunately, her mother, Molly, is now with Caelius and has no memory of her daughter. Nefertiti is no longer an ally, as she will do anything to protect the children she has left. Meanwhile, Lucian is being systematically tortured by Caelius, his mind twisted until all his memories of Shea are erased and he only sees Caelius as his one true love and savior. Will Shea and Lucian overcome the impossible obstacles set in their way and finally kill Caelius? Or will Darkness win and destroy the world and everyone they love with it? Shea chapters written by Becca C. Smith. Lucian chapters written by Hina McCord.

Gutian Code (Love and Dark Book 3)

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