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Guardians of the Sixth Gate



Young Adult

Guardians of the Sixth Gate. Complete the circle. Find your match.

Victoria “Tori” Johnson wants senior year to be different. Tired of being the straight-laced brainiac living in the shadow of her best friend, she agrees to go to her first high school party where she gets in an accident that should’ve killed her. Instead, she wakes up to discover that boring Burbrook isn’t as quiet as it seems.

Jamie Quinn, and his mysterious sister, Izzy, introduce her to their circle of guardians and an underground world where supernatural abilities and dark creatures run rampant. Without a complete circle of guardians, the trio are left to destroy the evil that finds its way through the gate.

As if fighting demons wasn’t hard enough, the Ferryman from the Shadowlands launches a hunt for Tori’s blood. The trio search for ways to protect her and the reason why her blood is so important. Tori worries that there may be more to Jamie Quinn than leather jackets and straight-A’s. He might be her match. A match would strengthen their circle and render them both mortal, but it would come at a devastating price. Is it possible to outrun fate or will resisting destroy any chance they have of sealing the gate for good?

Guardians of the Sixth Gate

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