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Ghost with Ink



Science Fiction

The dawn after the New Year, Dr. Anneliese 'Annie' Winters-Dove, a semi-reclusive ghostwriter with PTSD, watched Admant Vanth Tal fly away. She was left with his Ink, two cats, and two big problems: Omni-Energy still wanted Project Pandora and Eloh Renegades had found Earth again and they weren't going away. Destroying the environment, thieving resources, and threatening her world's existence, Annie's new life as MOARA agent Dove Ann Doolittle was chasing them and the illegal use of Pandora. Having caught the attention of those with evil intent on two worlds, Annie was taken from Earth.
Reunited with Tal on Eloh, Lady Annie of Vanth struggles to survive in the alien culture. Chasing the cause of the Eloh infertility is frustrating. That the dying race is supported by a race of cloned slaves goes against all she believes, but her biggest challenge is facing her Ink Giver's nature in a society of predators.
Earthquakes, wildfires, and aliens, oh my. Her rules can barely keep up or keep her alive.

Ghost with Ink
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