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First Born (Love and Dark Book 2)

Becca C.


Young Adult

Caelius is free, and the world is his. Shea trains with Lucian to master her powers as an elemental so she can beat Caelius and free them all from his twisted desires. But when Aidan warns Lucian that one of his sons has been taken by Caelius, Lucian goes off to confront him alone. Lucian fails and is imprisoned and tortured. His only comfort is the apparition of his childhood love, Nefertiti. Caelius reveals that she is a vampire and his master plan is for them to rule the world together, as his new Adam and Eve. Meanwhile, Shea will stop at nothing to get Lucian back, including working with Nefertiti’s daughter, Mekytaten. Together with Aidan, they find Lucian broken and twisted by Caelius. Shocked by a devastating betrayal, Shea must decide if she still wants Lucian and if his ex-Egyptian lover’s plan will be enough to destroy Caelius before he returns to full power and devours the world whole. Shea chapters written by Becca C. Smith. Lucian chapters written by Hina McCord.

First Born (Love and Dark Book 2)

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