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Fighting for Someday




Bri McAndrews is the envy of every girl at Chamberlain and the one every guy wants at their side. What most people don’t know is that there’s more to her than the picture-perfect life. Being the daughter of a power-hungry senator has her under constant scrutiny. When Trey Donovan stereotypes her as just another spoiled, rich kid, she’s determined to show him he’s wrong, and she doesn’t care about the consequences.

After giving the most popular guy in school a beat down, Trey becomes more than just the new, all-star quarterback at Chamberlain. He’s the bad boy from the south side.

As Bri and Trey grow closer, more than a few vengeful people a problem with it. Can their budding new relationship survive when so many people are set on keeping them apart?

*This book has strong language and sexual content. It is intended for readers that are 18 years and up.*
**This book is a prequel to the Secrets and Lies series.**

Fighting for Someday
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