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Faye and the Ether: A Fantasy Mythology



Young Adult

Faye knew the stories.

Selkies fascinated with humans.
Merfolk that wrecked ships.
And sirens who drew people in to their destruction.

But she didn’t know those tales were real.

Until she met Daron.

Together, they enter a glimmering world full of darkness and magic that Faye never knew existed.

A world that her fate is intertwined with.

Amid harrowing adventures and a friendship that blooms into something more, the tides shift, and inky darkness sweeps in, threatening everything Faye holds dear.

NOTE: This book is the first in an Upper YA/NA fantasy series that features mature situations, some adult language, and two romances (one slow-burn) that lead to mild/moderate steam as the series progresses.

If you loved the adventure and mythology of Percy Jackson and the romance and twists & turns of A Court of Thorns and Roses, you'll love this series full of found family, shifters, magic, dark world-building, and diverse characters.

Faye and the Ether: A Fantasy Mythology

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