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Destination of Desire



Short Fiction

Driven is a good way to describe Mckenzie Highland. Her main focus right now, landing her company’s next big client and securing her promotion. The last thing on her mind is her hunky co-worker she is forced to travel with.

Mason Cruz didn’t want to be on this trip until he found out he would be traveling with the woman that he has been fantasizing about since his first meeting with her. Despite swearing off office romances, Mckenzie makes him want to reconsider.

When the weather grounds their plane and Mason suggest traveling by car, Mckenzie reluctantly agrees. Could this road trip be the start of a romance or one that sends Mckenzie on a different direction to getting her dream job?

Each book is a standalone but look out for other characters making a cameo. No cliffhangers. No cheating.

Business Lovers Series:
Spice of Love (Prequel Short Story available FREE on website)
Shot at Forever (Book 1)
Destination of Desire (Book 2)
Secret to Romance (Book 3)

Destination of Desire

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