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Science Fiction

Desperate people will do anything to survive. Could a new god be enough to save them?

The world survived for a millennium without gods until the devastation and disconnection became unbearable.

Heikapu has attained Tion’s surface but needs biotechnology to preserve the behaviour regulators who live there. There is only one guaranteed source, but she cannot locate it in the barren wasteland. In the levels below, an army of fanatics seeks the same thing, but they may have a way to recreate it for themselves.

The flood has devastated Tion’s infrastructure, and the central processing facility has failed. Billions of people are disconnected for the first time in their lives and have lost all sense of hope. One faction has a way to provide data to the masses, but it means exploiting the people they depend upon; they have no choice because, without a replacement processor, they cannot recreate Caitlyn’s bioapp.

Somewhere on the surface of Tion, a new god is protecting the uprisers. His power may be great, but is the price too high?

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