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Damned and Desolate (Damned and Dangerous Quartet Book 1)




Some find salvation at Shaded Glade. Sorsha finds only hell.

For the last eight years Sorsha Johnston has lived in Shaded Glade, her own personal hell. Her father brought the family to Shaded Glade because of Sorsha's affliction.

In this place where men provide, women raise the family, and children do as they're told until they are married off at age eighteen, Sorsha, and her ability to interact with ghosts, isn't like the other eighteen-year-olds.

On the horizon is an arranged marriage to a man who hates her as much as she hates him. Sorsha must escape Shaded Glade before it's too late. A stranger in town might just be the key—if she can trust him.

Damned and Desolate is the first book in the Damned and Dangerous Quartet, a slow-burn paranormal romance about a young woman who can see ghosts... Yes, like that kid in The Sixth Sense and the supernatural world she finds herself diving into. If you like kick-ass heroines, sexy men, and all the monsters that go bump in the night, prepare to sink your teeth in.

Damned and Desolate (Damned and Dangerous Quartet Book 1)

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