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Damned and Dangerous (Damned and Dangerous Quartet Book 2)




Restless spirits. Mysterious roommates. Death threats. Sorsha's life is back in hell.

Seeing spirits and telling loved ones about their dead doesn’t pay the bills. If Sorsha doesn’t want to return to Shaded Glade, she’ll need to find a roommate. Fast.

Enter Larz Kazal, an attractive young man who isn't what he seems and knows more about Sorsha's past then even she can remember. He promises to teach her if she can bring herself to trust him, but she's been burned so many times, she's wary to do it again. She'll have to though because a child murderer is on the loose, one Sorsha made a promise to find and bring to justice, and Larz might be the key.

No one ever mentioned how hard the phantom gig might be.


Damned and Dangerous is the second book in the Damned and Dangerous Quartet, a slow-burn paranormal romance about a young woman who can see ghosts... Yes, like that kid in The Sixth Sense and the supernatural world she finds herself diving into. If you like kick-ass heroines, sexy men, and all the monsters that go bump in the night, prepare to sink your teeth in.

Damned and Dangerous (Damned and Dangerous Quartet Book 2)

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