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Cursed Song




Bound by Song. Cursed by Fate.

Ruyne, leader of the Dusksinger bards, travels with his band from town to town, thrilling crowds with inspiring music born from ancient magic. He leads a charmed life with his brother, and two life-long best friends.

Disaster strikes when Ruyne ignores a cryptic message from a loved one. The band's idyllic peace is shattered by a monster from the past, and the horrifying truth behind their magic is revealed, leaving their lives in tatters and the hearts of the four men forever scarred. Scattered and broken, can they harmonize their Song in time to prevent a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions?

Cursed Song is a Dark Fantasy/Horror novel. It features adult horror elements (Violence, blood, gore, etc). It has LGBTQ main POV characters and has steamy content.

Cursed Song
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