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Children of the Outback

Amanda N.



Those with the worst reputations might be your best chance for survival.

Grace Walker’s life has become something out of a nightmare, one that she can’t wake up from. Captured at a young age, she has spent the past four years confined to a slave camp, but now it’s her time to become a part of the trade. If that wasn’t bad enough, she finds herself at the mercy of “one of the greatest torturers in the Outback”. As her new reality starts to unfold, she’s forced to take a good look at the life she was taken from, and the one she’s been thrust into.

Skar Shepard has always walked a dangerous path, but entering into a deal with a Republic soldier isn’t just dangerous. For a magic wielder, it’s outright suicidal, but his conscience won’t let him refuse. Now, he has to uphold his end of the bargain while the soldier struggles to follow through on his end. But, as the Republic’s Army threatens everything he’s worked towards in the past four years, Skar’s forced to choose between staying out of the conflict or risk dying while fighting alongside those closest to him.

Rudolfus Lesikar is no stranger to darkness and having blood on his hands. Born into a family infamous for their work with torture magic, he’s used to people regarding him with fear. When the evil and trauma from his past threatens his future, Rudolfus is faced with a difficult choice. Try to run from the blood in his past, or face the darkness and hope to find peace on the other side of it.

Children of the Outback
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