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Young Adult

A loner, surviving by picking pockets. Slowing down is never an option. Until a sexy, soul mate-worthy woman distracts her. Is falling in love the biggest mistake she could make?

Gut-punched to life on the streets, Cara earnt her turf by making nice with gang members. When two girls fight her for ownership, a reminder of a past best forgotten derails her. A bigger threat compels Cara to act. The Mayor is bulldozing her neighbourhood and the only life she knows.

With her sights set on the Mayor’s Masquerade Ball, Cara is out for revenge. She has no idea her biggest problem still awaits her. The Mayor’s charismatic son, who has an appetite for risk, extravagance, and women. When the safety of the woman who stole her heart, and herself, are put in jeopardy, can Cara escape the ballroom before time runs out?

If you love sexy, opposites attract, lesbian romance intertwined with an enticing mystery and found family drama, you'll love this contemporary retelling of Cinderella.

Books are best read in order as characters in the book series interconnect.

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