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Cafe Romance



Short Fiction

Elise is a southern peach, whose channel blew up two years ago with her mid-size fashion tips and tricks videos. With half a million subscribers online, everyone knows her. Everyone except the barista at her favorite coffee shop. To the handsome, auburn-haired Viking, she is Sunshine.

Wyatt loves flirting with the curvy blond who comes in to work in his downtown coffee shop. More so when she calls him Thor. They’ve been playing this name game for a year and he sees no reason to stop. It’s part of what makes their flirting fun.

When she receives the opportunity of a lifetime, Elise sees this as a way to further her career and invest in Mia, her best friend’s soap company. There’s only one thing, well, two. She wants to make an impression and while coffee is her vice; she knows nothing about how to brew it. Enter Thor. Which brings in her second problem. They don’t know each other’s names.

Working together is easy. Managing the chemistry between them is not. As Thor teaches Sunshine the ins and outs of making coffee, things heat up and lead to secret moments that are almost as sexy as not knowing each other's names. But when things change, will an unexpected sacrifice be the answer to sharing more than coffee? Will this be the chance at love neither was looking for?

Cafe Romance is the third and last book in the Downtown in Love series. No cliffhangers, no cheating.

The Downtown In Love Series:
Just A Crush (Prequel Short Story available FREE on website)
Bookish About Love (Book 1)
Sweet Kisses (Book 2)
Cafe Romance (Book 3)

Cafe Romance

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