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Young Adult

How do you save the world from yourself?

Gracen made the demon Hart promise he'd keep her from killing her mother, and he did, but not in the way she expected. Now, Hart's disappeared, and the Abomination that has lived dormant inside of Gracen has been unleashed on the world.

Hart is determined to find a way to save Gracen even if it costs him everything. Trapped in a human body with no powers, Hart has to join forces with his angel brother, Lucien, and the fallen angel Seth before everything goes to Hell.

The battle lines are drawn. Who can be trusted, and who is secretly pulling the strings? With the fate of the world hanging in the balance and a deadly plan in motion, can Hart do what has to be done or will he make the one decision that changes everything?

Love destroyed the world. Love is the only thing that can fix it.

BREATHLESS is the third book in the Angels and Demons series. A spine-tingling supernatural suspense that will have you reading between your fingers one minute and enthralled with the myster and romance the next. If you like heart-pounding paranormal stories, characters you'll love, an epic love story, and a mystery with a twist you won't see coming, you'll love BREATHLESS by Kelly Martin. For fans of Darcy Coates, Wendy Wang, and Simone St. James.

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