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Breathe Again: Mara and Zale




Though she is married to the man of her dreams, has a child she adores, a younger sister who idolizes her, and the best friend anyone could wish for, forty-five-year-old Mara is teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

She is a human pinball, bouncing between her desires, the demands of her family, and her deteriorating mental health. She reaches out for help in hopes of getting a prescription to tame the monster inside, but is instead handed a beastly diagnosis that further threatens her already fragile sense of self.

The issues she struggles with are not new to her or her husband Zale, but the label is, and it is the label that tips Mara further into the well of despair. When her usual tactics to cage the beast fail, Mara must learn to deal with it before it destroys her marriage, her family, and all that she holds dear.

Will she allow her husband, her sister, and her friend to steady her as she stumbles toward wellness, or will she walk away to spare them from the monster she holds inside?

Content warning: Mental Health Issues, Self-harm, Steam.

Breathe Again: Mara and Zale
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