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Bookish about Love



Short Fiction

Ryan might write about love, but when it comes to his personal life it’s all loss. Until the day he reaches for a covered book and finds the one girl that makes him think he’s found his own happily ever after.

Ivy thinks Ryan is cute but he doesn’t even know any of her favorite sci-fi movies or the characters, but he keeps showing up at her favorite places and making her heart skip a beat with his adorable little dimples.

Together Ryan and Ivy develop a friendship that leads to fun cuisine, movie nights, and a sexy sleepover. Everything is on track to be Ryan’s best romance yet until fears from his past threaten to rewrite the future he is already planning for them.

When the truth comes to light will he continue to live between the pages of his books or will he risk everything to write the ending of his dreams.

Bookish About Love is the first book in the Downtown in Love series. No cliffhangers, no cheating.

The Downtown In Love Series:
Just A Crush (Prequel Short Story available FREE on website)
Bookish About Love (Book 1)
Sweet Kisses (Book 2)
Cafe Romance (Book 3)

Bookish about Love

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