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Blood Ties: The Dream Diaries Book 2

Becca C.


Another psychic dream for Mara Johnson, but this time it’s not her usual nightmare. No murder. No serial killers. No, this time it’s a simple dream about a high school student named Lucy. Suddenly, in a moment of true terror, her dream is hijacked by a mysterious, horrifying figure screaming at her to protect young Lucy.

Later, Mara discovers that her boyfriend, Adam, also had a psychic dream that very same night. A dream about a girl named Samantha being tortured and mutilated by a strange kidnapper. Even weirder, Samantha just so happens to be Lucy’s high school bully.

Why are Mara and Adam having these strange dreams about two different, but connected, girls? Who is this woman who keeps tormenting Mara, haunting her every dream and thought? Will Mara be able to save Samantha? Or will Mara become the kidnapper’s next victim?

Blood Ties: The Dream Diaries Book 2

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