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Between the Dreaming and the Dead




Jake Austin finds himself standing in the middle of a dirt road, looking at an old farmhouse with no memory of how he got there. It isn’t the first time he’s been somewhere and not remember how—but it is the first time he’s woken up alone. With no other options, he knocks on the door and is greeted by Mrs. Haggard, an older woman who is fearful of what her husband is doing under the stairs. You see, the phone is in the little room, the phone no one can answer. The door to the little room is locked, and Mrs. Haggard hasn't heard her husband in days.

Valley Draper has lived in the farmhouse for as long as she can remember. It might be haunted, but nothing comes without a price. When the handsome if not confused Jake comes in like he owns the place, Valley decides quickly that he needs a rude awakening. When Jake starts talking about a mysterious Mrs. Haggard, a women Valley has never seen, she has to decide if she trusts Jake or if he's someone she needs to watch out for.

With a storm coming closer and time ticking away, can Jake find a way back home? Does he even want to go home and leave the women he's grown to care for? Or are he and Valley stuck in a place that is much more than either of them bargained for?

A Standalone, Mind-bending, Supernatural Story.

Between the Dreaming and the Dead
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