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Bearer of Masks

Lauren Jade


Young Adult

Many years ago, people suffered. A rampant virus mutated genes in less than one percent of the population, leaving them with abnormalities. The unaffected shunned them. They shamed the people they didn’t know their lives would rely upon.

CHANDLER wants to run away. She craves freedom from her past and her mother. So when an opportunity arises that might take her away, she flees.

ZIVA wants something to be hers. Her whole life she’s had to share everything with her siblings. So when someone hands her an application that could mean standing out, she signs.

QUINTON wants adventure. He finally got it when he took a chance and now he’s made a whole new position for himself. So when things go to change again, he’s intrigued.

When Chandler and Ziva arrive for their first day at their new jobs, it’s not what they expect. And soon, it gets both better and worse.

They’re sent out on a mission, along with Quinton, to retrieve a lost artefact that could change the face of any wearer. But if they don’t recover it within the parameters set, and someone else finds it first, the fate of the world could be in danger.

- - -

Perfect for fans of Ally Carter's Heist Society, Kirsten Krueger's Affinities Novels, and James Bond but for a more rounded audience.

Bearer of Masks
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