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Ascending in Chaos



Young Adult

Running away from shifters with a boy she barely knows, wasn’t the kind of life she imagined when she finally got her magic. Neither was being responsible for finding the guy capable of ending the war with shifters.


A girl with chaotic magic.
A shifter who can stop the bloodshed.
A bond that can unite them or destroy them all.

Seventeen-year-old magic user Kayla Mitchell holds the knowledge to stop decades of violence: find the hidden shifter who can unify the races.

As her search goes from bad to worse, Kayla becomes drawn to Blake Collins, a guy clueless to the paranormal world. But when her deadly past catches up with her, their lives ascend into chaos and Blake’s family is abducted.

Go on the run. Rescue his family. Don’t get killed.

The problem? Kayla uncovers a secret about the shifter she’s searching for and must protect him at all costs, even if it means sacrificing the family she is trying to save.

ASCENDING IN CHAOS is the first in the slow-burn, shifter romance SOUL BOUND series.

Perfect for fans of Teen Wolf and Shadow Hunters.

***Please note, 'Ascending in Chaos' was previously published as 'Hunted', while the book has gone through a re-brand and has had new editing, the story itself is the same. ***

Ascending in Chaos

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