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Young Adult

A star athlete, forbidden to date. A sister who wants revenge. Will finding love and competing for the championship be worth risking her life?

Plagued with insomnia. Haunted by her past. Tormented in a mundane life. Aria needs an out. But with no education or basic life skills, she’s shackled to her father’s house.

When meeting the eyes of a curious boy, Aria begins to dream. A life without the rivalry with her sister. A life without her father’s strict rules. A life with a spark of romance.

But what use are dreams when she is doomed to live in her family home? Riddled with sorrow and stress, the boy of her dreams is cursed with the same affliction. When their paths cross with an instant connection and passion, will they be the key to each other’s freedom and happiness?

If you love wholesome romance intertwined with gripping suspense, you'll love this contemporary retelling of The Little Mermaid.

Books are best read in order as characters in the book series interconnect.

The book contains depictions of domestic violence and strong violence. Reader discretion is advised if these themes are personally distressing.

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