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Anatomy of a Darkened Heart: Victorian psychological suspense




"Historical fiction with a wicked psychological edge." —JD Estrada, author of The Human Cycle series

"Psychologically compelling and full of depth, intelligent, beautifully written..." —Jason Greensides, author of The Distant Sound of Violence

The only way to survive the Whitestone family is to escape them.

Abigail Whitestone is the eldest of the three Whitestone children—and the most tormented. The room darkens and time seems to stop when she is born, but is it really her fault? Is she as evil as Mother insists, or does it forebode a life of abuse and cruelty?

With only one positive influence in her life—that of her nanny—Abigail tries her best to stay out of Mother’s way. But Mother always seems to be present when there’s a chance to hurt. And Father is no use at all.

If she could just keep the attentions of the wealthy and handsome Conrad Scott until he proposes, he could be her lifeline.

But after a violent accident and a disturbing series of events that permanently warp Abigail’s mental state, she finds herself drawn to stay in the very home of her abuse, and she’ll do anything to force her siblings to stay too—anything.

Anatomy of a Darkened Heart is the first psychological suspense novel in the dark and twisted, fast-paced Dark Victoriana Collection.

Anatomy of a Darkened Heart: Victorian psychological suspense

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