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Alliance of Enemies



Young Adult

Blake must face his inner Alpha.

Kayla must accept her power.

Together, they must stand against the one who wishes to destroy them.

As time runs out, Blake and Kayla go head-to-head with a new evil emerging from the shadows, one who has unknowingly been controlling their journey, leading them to this very moment.

It’s now or never for the Alliance but, for their people to survive, Blake and Kayla face a decision that could change the course of their lives forever.

ALLIANCE OF ENEMIES is the third book in the shifter romance series, SOUL BOUND and concludes Blake and Kayla's story. Perfect for fans of Teen Wolf and Shadow Hunters.

***Please note, ‘Alliance of Enemies’ was previously published as 'Bound', book 3 in the series. While it has gone through a re-brand and has had new editing, the story itself is the same. ***

Alliance of Enemies

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