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Authortube is a community formed by writers creating content on Youtube. The channels listed here are among Bookend Lane's favorites!

Author Kaitlyn King

Author of YA Christian Fiction, Christian Growth Journals, & More!

Creative Sprints

Daily Sprints!

Lindsay Puckett

Traditional Publishing Journey Discussions

Author JC Carpenter

Writing Journey & Milestones

Emma Bennet Author

Writing Journey, Traditional & Self Publishing, Book discussions, and more!

Michelle Schusterman

Traditional Writing & Publishing Experience

Barrett Laurie

Interviews & Middle Grade Writer Chats

Kat Leo

Writing Journey, Planning Content, & Sprints!

Morgan Lee

Writing Experiences & Calm Vibes

Bestselling Author Writing Coach Lisa Daily

Weekly Co-working Live Streams

Laura Nettles

Writing & Publishing Journey - Horror Genre

S.D. Huston

Self Publishing Tips & Tricks

Support those that maintain the list here

The Authortube Writers Conference playlist is available here.

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