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What is the Indie Index?

The Indie Index is a free online database of Indie authors and their titles. 

The Indie Index is a purposeful action to help self-published authors, small press published titles, and the authors behind those works be seen by more & read by more. A database for people like its creator, a reader that actively seeks out small businesses and indie artists to support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, comments, and feedback are vital to the evolution priority of the Index. If you do not find your question below, please contact us via email:

What is the Indie Index?

The Indie Index is a free online database.


Entries include independently published or self-published book titles spanning all age ranges and genres or the authors that write them.


The author portion of the index offers a catalog of links for the authors' social media platforms, as well as an option for a bio and photo to be uploaded.


Why did Bookend Lane, LLC decide to add the Indie Index to their platform?

Bookend Lane, LLC was created as a landing space for the creative pursuits of its owner, Eva. One of those pursuits is being a part of the solution. Another avenue to help readers find indie titles and authors seems like a step into that. 

Who can add to the Indie Index?

Anyone can add an Indie (or small press) published title or self identified Indie author to the Indie Index.


The information is not considered confidential. Add to the Index here

What happens if I can't find the book I added to the Indie Index?

If the book has been entered and is not seen despite the success message stating it was entered correctly, please wait a few days and check back. Bookend Lane's quality control team is sure to find the issue. -- If you have already waited, please send me an email with the title name and/or author name. or reach out on Instagram @bookend_lane

What happens if I can't find the author I added to the Indie Index?

If the author was just recently added, please wait a few days and check back.

It could be held up by quality control or it could be an error currently being addressed.


If it has been more than 36 hours, please send me an email at

How do I make a change or correction to an entry?

Simply fill the form out again with the correct information, and check the box that says it is meant to be a corrected entry. This will alert Quality Control to the duplicate entry. 

How do I notify Bookend Lane, LLC of an inaccuracy or error in the Indie Index?

For now, send me an email -

Why are the sort options so limited?

The Indie Index is currently designed within the limitations of its creator, an unskilled web designer. I dreamed larger than I could reach, but I'm still climbing. The sort features will change and evolve over the coming seasons to include a plethora of sorting options (fingers crossed).


The upside is that it is free.

Why are some authors not listed with their books in the index?

Books and Authors are added separately to the Indie Index. If an author is not in the index, they will not have an Author Page.


If an author that was submitted into the Index is not showing an Author Page, please let me know.

Are unpublished authors able to be added to the Indie Index?

If an Author can fill out the required fields in the Author form, they can add their information to the index. If this changes in the future, it will be noted here. 

Are traditionally published authors able to be added to the Indie Index?


Hybrid authors that also have a traditionally published title are not excluded and can be included in the Index. 


The aim of the index is to help Indie authors get seen -- having traditionally published authors without an Indie title and without a course toward indie publishing included would degrade this mission.

Is Bookend Lane, LLC a non profit?

Nope. Bookend Lane is a Limited Liability Company based out of the state of Illinois. A for-profit business, it is not a charity. Any tips, donations, purchases, or payments are received by Bookend Lane, LLC and are not tax exempt. 

Is the Indie Index free?

The Indie Index is and will always remain free. 

What is the Indie Index?
Why is the Indie Index?
Who can add to the Index?
Can't find it
How do I correct an entry?
Who do we contact?
Can unpublished authors join the Index?
Cost information
Can Traditionally (non hybrid) authors join the Index?
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