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About Bookend Lane

"Bookend Lane, Bound for Adventure."

Bookend Lane is not a charitable organization and is a small business owned and operated by its sole owner, Eva. A freelance editor, writer with self-publishing goals, and a supporter of indie authors and artists, Bookend Lane, LLC provides Eva a place to set these things under one business model.

The mission of Bookend Lane, LLC is to uplift, promote, and connect Indie authors and writers to each other and to their readers.

What is the Indie Index?

The Indie Index is a free online database of Indie authors and their titles. 

The Indie Index is a purposeful action to help self-published authors, small press published titles, and the authors behind those works be seen by more & read by more. A database for people like its creator, a reader that actively seeks out small businesses and indie artists to support and a writer seeking fellow writers.

About the Index
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